Mission, Vision, Values

What unites us in our quest?

While we all share a common vision of improving our customers’ quest for wellness, it is our adhesion to our mission and values which binds us one to another and makes BainUltra the leader it is today.

Our mission

To design, manufacture and promote an integrated, innovative offer (concept, products and services) that is valued by our customers and promotes relaxation, optimal health and overall wellness.

Our vision

To share and enjoy a fulfilling experience and promote a new way of life (art de vivre) based on relaxation, health and wellness.

Our values

Much more than words, our values are the ingredients which ensure we all work in the same direction, with the same purpose and with the same attitude. Every single person at BainUltra makes these values theirs in all they do to make wellness our single customer focus.

Humility • Trust • Respect • Collaboration • Creativity • Courage • Discipline