Insperience Bathroom®

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Pursuing a Dream with the Head or the Heart

je l'ai reve

I’ve been married for 30 years, and my two daughters have left home. Instead of tearing up at the thought of an empty house, I kept going back to an old empty-nest vision I’d had for years. It was a deep-seated need that I hadn’t been able to address because I was too busy taking care of everyone else. So it felt good to finally do something for myself, creating a special space I could call my own, where I could take time to rekindle my zest for living.

I had thought about this space so much that I could describe it with amazing detail! It was a spacious room with a fantastic therapeutic bath, where I could enjoy long, languorous soaks while gazing out the large windows at the sky and the trees. A haven of relaxation and peace, where all my senses could be rejuvenated.

I pictured myself walking into this sanctuary and finding its solitude to be absolutely transcendental. I envisioned inhaling deeply—enjoying the subtle scent of an essential oil I had selected—and contemplating colors that danced hypnotically before me, while I soaked up the warmth of the water and the tub’s heated backrest and listened to music—or to silence, depending on my mood. After all these years, I could take time to discover the person I had become, happy and fulfilled. It would be a reawakening!

salle de bain vivante

An inspiring space, a way of life

salle de bain vivante-concretise

So I took the plunge and turned my dream into reality—my Insperience Bathroom. I worked with a designer who helped me plan it, and a therapeutic bath specialist who identified all the components needed to create a personal oasis of my own.

The project involved moving some walls and having some of the plumbing redone, but it was worth it. Now I have a special retreat where I can go to savor all the benefits that come with relaxation, better health, and well-being.

salle de bain vivante - concretise

Picture a simple, uncluttered space, with a therapeutic, programmable air-jet bath and a shower with a Vedana care unit. I can enjoy five therapies—without even leaving the room—in combination or separately: heat therapy, chromatherapy, sound therapy, light therapy, and aromatherapy. So maybe I’ll combine a lavender bath with violet chromatherapy if I want to stimulate my immune system, for instance. Or I’ll decide to go for a total bliss-out session featuring heat, music, and essential oils. With nothing but a spacious closet separating the Insperience Bathroom from our bedroom, it feels like we’re living in a fabulous hotel suite or a spa. My life has really changed completely!

Moments of Tranquility for the Entire Family

salle de bain vivante-image

Two years after deciding to create an Insperience Bathroom, my special retreat remains a source of intense satisfaction. I’ve noticed as time passes that the seasons have an effect on my relaxation and well-being. But my Insperience Bathroom is so versatile that I always feel comforted and reassured the moment I step inside.

In spring, I really crave a jolt of revitalization. My body feels sluggish, as if it’s coming out of hibernation, so I take a few minutes to stretch using my espalier, then put some invigorating essential oils in the bath and enjoy an air-jet massage. After a busy summer day, I can’t wait for calm and relaxation—I’m ready for some soothing aromatherapy and chill-out music. I take a moment to get comfy on my ergonomic relaxation chair and indulge in a Vedana session, the ideal way to transition between a hectic day and a restful sleep. In fall, I take a cue from the colors outside the window and use chromatherapy to lengthen the shorter days. (Red, orange, and yellow are a real pick-me-up!) And when winter’s cold winds blow, I want to cocoon in my special welcoming place, losing myself in the warmth of my Vedana and BainUltra bath, with its soothing Geysair-technology massage.

salle de bain vivante-image

Words can’t express how much these daily rituals do for me, making me feel serene and completely at one with my body, my mind, and my heart.