BainUltra is revolutionizing air jet baths with its Geysair technology!



Want to enjoy all the physiological benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your own home? Now you can with the new Geysair hot air jet system developed by BainUltra, which can be added to all our ThermoMasseur baths.

The combined action of warmth and water and the position and force of the Geysair system air jets create an “acupressure effect” that produces a physiological chain reaction from head to toe, reducing stress, relaxing muscles, and eliminating toxins. Because the technology heats and humidifies the air jets, the water temperature is maintained so your massage lasts longer, with greater benefits.

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Geysair Technology

BainUltra®, the pioneer and inventor of the air jet bath, presents its most recent technological innovation: Geysair™.

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