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The art of choosing your bath wisely *.

The design of any object should be the outcome of thought and study, not the expression of a trend. - BainUltra®

What is a luxury bathtub?

It’s a matter of balance between the object’s design, its therapeutic benefits, and its seamless integration into the architectural environment.

At BainUltra, each product is created and developed with serious consideration of design, therapies and architecture.



The choice of materials, functional and ultra comfortable ergonomics, refinement and absolute beauty of the object, contemporary style and timelessness, and attention to detail during assembly.


Research and integration of the best therapeutic technologies in order to improve everyday health, help manage stress, and relieve or prevent many physical illnesses (back pain, insomnia, poor blood circulation, skin problems, etc.). BainUltra is the only company that offers two therapeutic bath categories —TMU and TMSU—in order to reach different types of clients and markets.


Maximizing the possibilities for spatial integration. We offer many sizes, many installation types, and an easy and simple installation process with direct online (Skype) or phone support from BainUltra.

* Extract from Expertise in bathtub design, the art of choosing wisely – BainUltra, 2016.