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How does your bathroom make you feel?

When, if ever, was the last time you asked yourself; "How does my bathroom make me feel?"

Most of your clients won’t ever ask themselves this, but when you are designing a luxury bathroom for them, this question is worth pondering.

Upon entering the bathroom, what are your clients greeted with? Interesting materials, unique shapes and objects, engaging textures/colors? How does your client respond to this?

Each element in a bathroom (or any room) has a relationship with all the other elements in the room. Are they complimentary? What do they evoke within your client? It may be intangible or unconscious for them, but it is something you can purposefully design.

Each element in a bathroom has a relationship with the client. Does each part of the bathroom make them feel something? Even something small: "I like the way this feels"; "I like the smell"; "I like the way this looks". What is it that you want your client to experience? You know your client well, how can you bring their personality into the space?

Paying attention to each individual design detail helps create a rich tapestry that when perceived together should engage an emotional response – In short, the client should have a "feel" associated with the bathroom and that feeling should be positive. That positive feeling will also extend to you and your good work.

Given the numerous unique options available when creating a bathroom, it is possible to help create an experience that will resonate with your client for years to come.

And so we ask the question again… What do you want your client’s bathroom to feel like?