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Chapter 3

How to choose the best therapies that contribute to well-being and health?

The basic therapeutic benefits of taking a bath have to do with immersion. Soaking in water activates three basic human faculties: memory (a return to the embryonic state experienced in the mother’s womb), proprioception (the ability to sense your body in space, situate yourself in time and space, and keep your balance), and sensation (stimulation of the senses by pressure, temperature, and the scent of the water).

Humans who stop taking baths become less human and gradually lose basic faculties.

Bath therapies are designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic needs of human beings. The more traditional, time-tested therapies you add to a bath, the greater the value of the immersion experience.

BainUltra® baths are designed to integrate four additional therapies

  • Hydro-thermo massage®
  • Chromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Thermotherapy®

Additional therapies

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Hydro-thermo massage Hydro-thermo massage

Hydro-thermo massage®

Massage is often associated with relaxation. More importantly, it’s a tested medical approach that has been used for therapeutic purposes for over 4,000 years. BainUltra’s hydro-thermo massage is comparable to a massage given by hand.

It combines three types of massage in a single therapy:

  • Thermomassage
  • Hydromassage
  • Acupressure (the combined action of the water’s warmth and its movement against the skin).

Hydro-thermo massage is a recognized alternative to professional massages.

Hydro-thermo massage is recommended as a treatment for a number of conditions. It can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; ease pain and stiffness; increase blood circulation; stimulate the immune system; treat sports injuries; and eliminate toxins.

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Aromatherapy Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is defined as the use of essential oils extracted from flowers, bark, and leaves and inhaled or absorbed through the skin to boost physical and psychological well-being. Our effective, integrated bathtub technologies for misting and diffusing essential oils deliver them to the user’s respiratory, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, where they interact with the body’s cells to promote healing.

Depending on the choice of scent, aromatherapy can be used to reduce anxiety and stress, boost the immune system, and improve your mood.

BainUltra has a unique selection of essential oils that can be added to your bathwater or used with our AromaCloud® technology. Each blend of oils has been scientifically selected and combined to enhance a dominant scent that will produce a specific change of mood.

You can add your own oils, but make sure they’re high-grade. Don’t drop them directly onto the surface of the bath or your skin. Essential oils are concentrated substances and could damage your skin or the bath’s acrylic. Always mix them in with your bathwater.

Blended oils for your bathwater


Lemon (primary oil); grapefruit and cedar (secondary oils). Helps eliminate toxins and promotes a feeling of well-being.


Lavender (primary oil); lemon (secondary oil). Helps you relax and get the deep rest you need.


Rosemary (primary oil); rosewood, bay leaf and laurel (secondary oils). Soothes muscular pain and spasms and relieves sore joints.

Oil blends for AromaCloud®

Nordic Spirit

Lavender (primary oil); black spruce, rosewood, Atlas cedar, cajuput, and white cedar (secondary oils). Invigorates and reduces inflammation.

Fruitful Evolution

Grapefruit (primary oil); orange and peppermint (secondary oils). Promotes circulation and deep calm.

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Chromatherapy Chromatherapy


Chromatherapy uses the effects of color on the body to change your mood. Colors aren’t just decorative—they’re also scientifically proven to have a direct effect on your physical and psychological condition. That’s because colors produce vibrations that resonate with the body and travel through it, which influences the central nervous system.

Chromatherapy is also used to calm, energize, and ground people. Colors have the power to bring balance. The colors produced by our LED lights are calibrated to specific frequencies that are designed to change your mood.

Blue — Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress

Purple — Stimulates the immune system and helps eliminate toxins

Green — Relaxes the body and brings emotional stability

Red — Stimulates and energizes, activates blood circulation, and awakens the senses

Orange — Stimulates the respiratory system and soothes muscle pain

Yellow — Promotes digestion and cerebral activity


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Thermotherapy Thermotherapy


The therapeutic use of heat. Our WarmTouchShell®, integrated into one of our baths, helps raise your body temperature, improving the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

Thermotherapy® relaxes your back muscles and helps eliminate toxins. It also prepares your body for hydro-thermo massage®, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy, thereby maximizing the effects.

Practical questions for bathtub therapies

  • Could daily therapeutic baths help with some of my physical ailments?
  • Could daily therapeutic baths reduce my level of stress and anxiety?
  • Could daily therapeutic baths help make me feel calm and grounded?
  • Could daily therapeutic baths give me more energy?
  • Could the expense of a therapeutic bath prevent future physical and psychological care costs arising from the deterioration of my overall health?