What kind of bathtub buyer are you?

Pragmatic, wellness, or design lover?

1. When I think of choosing a bathtub, the first factor that comes to mind is:
2. I associate bathtub quality primarily with:
3. I really want my bathtub to be:
4. My bathtub is:
5. To get the advice I need when looking to buy a bath, I want to hear about the bath’s:
6. When buying a bath, the most important sources of information are:
7. When I go on a manufacturer’s website, the first thing I look at is:
8. Complete the statement — A bathroom is:
9. The amount that I am willing to invest in my bathroom is justified by:
10. When I close my eyes and think of my bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is:
You must choose one answer per question


Pragmatic lover

If you answered (A) more than any other letter, you’re a practical kind of buyer. When purchasing a bathtub, you have practical considerations: What is my budget? How much space do I have? Which bathtub will be the easiest to install and clean? Needing to create or renovate a bathroom is a necessary chore, and you aren’t swayed by beauty or complementary care features. You want to know that the bath is a good value and will serve its basic purpose. Your bathroom won’t add value to your house or increase your sense of well-being, nor is it a place where you’ll spend a lot of time. Basically, your bathroom is for personal hygiene.

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Design lover

If you answered mostly (B) and (C), you’re a lover of good design. Your bathtub will need to meet a number of criteria: utility and use (your needs and how they are met), ergonomics and appreciation (comfort, feel of the materials, look, why you like the bathtub), and integration in the space (which shape and installation type will best create a beautiful, functional space). You want to live in a space you love, with objects that make you feel good, both when you look at them and when you use them. This means you need to go beyond the purely practical aspects of your tub if you don’t want to be disappointed by your investment. Contrary to popular belief, design isn’t just the “look” of the object. It’s also the “feel” of every aspect: how it looks, how it feels to the touch, but also how well it meets both practical and esthetic considerations (utility, use, appreciation, and integration into the space).

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Wellness lover

If you answered (D) more than any other letter, your focus when buying a bathtub is on the value it adds to your life and home. Your main concern isn’t the utility of the object or your appreciation of it; you want a bathtub you can use on a daily basis to reap all the benefits of immersion and the various therapies and improve your overall health. You may even have already identified specific physical or emotional states that could be improved through hydro-thermo massage®, chromatherapy, thermotherapy®, and aromatherapy (back pain, muscle pain, poor circulation, insomnia, anxiety, etc.). To meet your needs, the focus of your purchase should be on adding all the therapy-delivering functionalities and technologies that will enhance the benefits of immersion. The profit or return on your investment isn’t measured in dollars so much as in greater well-being. Of course, a fully decked-out bathtub is a more costly option at the outset, but it will pay for itself in under a year if you compare using your bathtub with the cost of daily care from external therapists.

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The Ultimate lover

Finally, if you answered (E) more than any other letter, you don’t cut costs on any factor that could add value to your purchase. You want something practical, beautiful, and good. This means you’ll spend a lot of time carefully reviewing all the options before buying a bathtub and will consider every factor mentioned above to ensure you get the full package. Your bathtub will add to your enjoyment of life and the value of your home. You want the ultimate in quality and won’t settle for anything less; you believe health to be an indispensable luxury. Design is integral to your lifestyle, because bringing beauty to the world starts at home.

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