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Chapter 4

What architectural factors should I consider when purchasing a bathtub?

Every BainUltra® bathtub is designed to enhance spatial organizational and esthetic harmony. Each is meant for a certain kind of person living and developing in a certain kind of space.

As a central piece of furniture, the bathtub becomes a unifying set piece for the daily ritual of wellness.

The architectural considerations therefore include elements of set design, size, and installation type.

Set design

The way in which an object organizes a space and facilitates the actions and experiences proper to that space: moving through, getting into, using, caring for, contemplating.


The bathtub and its dimensions must be configured so as to maximize the ways in which it can be integrated into the space.

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Installation Types Installation Types

Installation type

Bathtubs that are conducive to different types of lifestyle experiences: practical experiences, esthetic experiences, and art of living experiences.

Installation type

Practical questions to consider when purchasing a bathtub

  • What do I want to experience in my bathroom?
  • How do I want to move in my bathroom?
  • How do I want to use my bath (get into it, bathe in it, care for it)?
  • Do I consider the bath to be the central piece of design?
  • Given the configuration of the bath, where could I put it to have the experience I’m looking for?
  • Which installation type matches the experience I’m looking for? Do I need it to be purely practical, practical and esthetic, or facilitating care rituals?