Complementary products AKASA®


Exclusively from BainUltra, Akasa's complementary products are specifically designed and manufactured to help you derive more benefits from your therapeutic care sessions.


Bath pillow


When properly positioned by the bather, the bath pillow supports the neck wonderfully to offer the utmost in comfort and a feeling of complete relaxation and increased benefits.

Design: Made of high-quality polyurethane, the bath pillow is sturdy and durable. It adheres effectively to the surface of the bath.

Installation: Movable, it can be easily repositioned to suit the needs of the bather.


Akasa complementary products bath pillow


Comfort cushion


Made in Italy, this high-quality urethane cushion offers the best comfort possible and amplifies the benefits of the Hydro-thermo Massage® experience.

The flexible material hugs your body and supports your head perfectly. Its special shape with the inverted V creates a better massage all along the spine.

Repositionable, it will adhere naturally to the bath.

Its insulating properties will keep your body feeling warm all through the bath session.


Akasa complementary products comfort cushion